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Stormwater Management

Gregory Sydoriw, Supervisor

P.O.Box 310
100 Station Road, Westmoreland New York
Westmoreland , NY 13490
315-853-8001 Ext. 1
SO YOU WANT TO BUILD YOUR DREAMHOUSE! HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER. 1. Will you be disturbing at least an acre of land? A land disturbance is any activity that causes soil to be moved fron one place to another. For example, grading, landscaping, cutting, filling clearing are all land disturbances. An acre is equal to 43,560 square feet or approximately 208 x 208 feet. It's pretty ease to disturb an acre of land if you're planning a driveway with a house and garage and some landscaping on your lot. 2. So what if you disturb an acre or more of land? If you think you'll be disturbing an acre of land, you'll need to obtain coverage under the Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) General Permit for Construction Activities, called GP 0201. 3. How to obtain coverage under GP 0201? You'll need to develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan(SWPPP) and send a notice of intent to the DEC's Office. You'll also need to submit information to your local municipality. To find out more about the GP 0201, contact your local Codes Enforcement Officer (853-8001)6:30 to 8:00, Tuesday and Thursday, the DEC (793-2554)or the SWCD office at 736-3334. Also check out the DEC's Stormwater page on their web site:( This site includes the permit, the Notice of Intent form, and a list of frguently asked questions about the permit. 4. What is a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan? Its a comprehensive plan created by the operatorof a construction site that includes a list and location of erosion and sediment and runoff control practices and structures.If you are planning to construct anything other than a one family residence regardless of size, you'll need to develop a full SWPPPP and submit a notice of intent. The full SWPPP will outline a construction phasing schedule as well as a construction inspection format. In addition, a full SWPPP will describe temporary and permanent measures to control erosion and treat and contain stormwater runoff from your site. Remember, you can prevent pollution of our waterways by protecting the vegetation on your site and minimizing paved areas.

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STORMWATER MANAGEMENT; A program to maintain quality and quantity of stormwater runoff to pre-development levels.
Hours of Operation:
 Codes Enforcement can be reached Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 853-8001 Ext. 4, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
DEC permit, and Notice of Intent
Contains the forms needed and frequently asked questions about the permit.