Town of
Oneida County, NY

Jody S. Burdick

315-853-8001 ext. 2 or (315) 525-1167 cell
Table Of Contents:
The Town Clerk's office is the doorway to Town Government. The Clerk is the filing officer for the Town. She issues marriage licenses, sporting licenses, dog licenses, file death certificates, issues several types of permits : Fireworks, junk yard and vendor's permits. This office recieves water usage payments from each of the three water districts in Town. You can obtain copies of the town board minutes, copies of Town Laws and also submit FOIL requests to this office.
The Town Clerk's responsibilities derive mainly from Town Law, Section 30. The Town Clerk is the Recording Secretary at the Town Board Meetings. These minute boks are retained permanently for both legal and historical purposes. The Town Clerk's Office also maintains records of local laws, Town Oathes of Office, proofs of publication and posting of legal notices and notices of Highway defects and the official bulletin board. The Town Clerk  notifies various local and State departments regarding vacancies and appointments.